Snake Oil Studio provides branding and design to creatives in the food and beverage industry. We partner with companies and people we find inspiring and develop brands they are proud to show off. Combining a long history of food industry experience and a passion for working with creative entrepreneurs, we have built a reputation for providing a transformative branding experience. We take pride in building long-standing relationships with our clients and guiding them as their brands and businesses evolve. Our job is to deliver your company a tasteful brand that demands attention and enthusiastic messaging that inspires believers.

Cindy Vonn and Katie Allcorn chose each other as partners, two good-hearted women hustling in the creative world, wearing all the hats: designer, brand strategist, project manager, business developer, accountant, mom. This combination of skills, tested chemistry, humility and grit is what will ultimately moves our brand and business forward.



Cindy VonN


Cindy has been working with mom and pop food startups and incubators for over a decade. Her background centers around small business operations and strategy, and she holds both a business and culinary degree. She's worked with major brands, like TGI Fridays on international beverage campaigns for various markets, and has helped kitchen-table startups transition into national distribution in Whole Foods Market, Kroger and Costco and Sam's Club. Small food is her passion, and her specialty lies in helping to craft the culture, language and iconography of a brand, and strategically applying it to a ready market. 



Katie Allcorn


Katie is an illustrator, designer and multi-potentialite with a BFA in Studio Art and a knack for business. After college, Katie held two jobs in vastly different industries - tech startup and handmade jewelry - and by the age of 31, she had opened, branded, operated, and sold a restaurant. Katie welcomes change and believes that good things come to those who hustle. When not talking shop, Katie can be found making art, daydreaming about skipping town or drinking tequila on her porch in the sticks.